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Jul. 17th, 2008


It's Good to Be Back

I've decided to reclaim this journal in the name of knitting! I just finished my very first pattern and decided to join the hundreds of bloggers who offer such things for free. Look for it soon! (Just gotta take piccies.)


Jan. 1st, 2008


New Journal

Rather than dealing with filters, I decided to make this journal extremely friends & family only. I created this_deutschle and added those of you whom I'd like to keep in touch with but don't particularly feel comfortable sharing intimate thoughts with. So, look for me as this_deutschle and add me back if you feel like it. Please also pass my new journal on to your friends with whom you think I'd get along. (Thanks muchly to thatpatti for the name inspiration!)

Dec. 27th, 2006


Tigerfae Has Gone Friends Only

Image created by crucified_grace

Dec. 22nd, 2006


We have a new house!

Mae has been so fussy these last couple days, but luckily it hasn't been affecting her sleep at night (once we manage to get her to sleep). I keep telling her that if she would just poo on a regular basis, life would be a whole lot less painful. I don't think she understands me though, cuz, ya know... she's a baby. Instead, she just stares at me and sucks her tongue. Poop, silly baby, pooooooop!

On to bigger and less stinky news- we settled on the house! A few days ago we made an offer that came back with a counter-offer $7k less than the listed price. That was pretty nice, but we decided to see if they'd go even lower. Instead, they went down another $2k but made it clear that they weren't willing to go any lower. We thought about it, worked out a budget to afford it, and accepted! So now we have a home inspection on Saturday and close on January 8! If anyone is looking for a house to rent or knows someone who is, please let me know. Our current home will be available for rent in late January.

Also, this journal is going Friends Only after Christmas. If you read my journal but aren't listed as my friend, please let me know. If you are a relative who doesn't have an account, create one! It's fun!

Dec. 20th, 2006


(no subject)

Dear Cat,

Please refrain from peeing on the Christmas tree skirt and on newly washed & folded towels unless you want to be known henceforth as "that particularly chewy chicken dish we ate last night."


The Management

Dec. 15th, 2006


(no subject)

You know you were a nobody in high school when, in a high school with no more than 200 students, the director of alumni relations still manages to get your name wrong.

Dec. 14th, 2006



Life is so busy these days. If I'm not doing laundry or washing bottles, then I'm feeding someone. I have no idea how SAHMs with 3 kids under the age of three stay sane. Do they? It also seems like I'm constantly buying Christmas presents or birthday presents. I'll be glad when the holidays are over and Sage's birthday has passed. It doesn't help that all of the kids in our Mom's Club playgroup are turning 3 this season. That's a lotta parties and a lotta gifts.

On top of the general craziness of the holiday season, we're still looking for a house. Today we saw four- one in Westerville, two in Worthington near Polaris, and one in Worthington near Linworth. The one in Westerville was great. It had four bedrooms and a finished basement. It was immaculate and nicely decorated, plus it's across from Highland Park & Pool and walking distance from an elementary school. The second house we saw was off Lazelle Rd. near Polaris in a little neighborhood called Seven Oaks. The layout was very elegant, with cathedral ceilings, decorative alcoves, and large square footage. Sadly, it wasn't very well taken care of and the basement wasn't finished. The layout upstairs was also very odd. The bedrooms were extremely small and cramped in order to make room for a weird and rather useless loft area that I would call an oversized landing. We weren't interested, which was disappointing because I was so excited about the location. Then our realtor noticed that another house in the same cul-de-sac was for sale, so she called the agent to see if we could go in. Luckily it was vacant, because it is now our dream house! It has the same open floor plan as the second house, only it's bigger. The upstairs has an actual loft area, plus four bedrooms. The master bathroom has a tub separate from the shower and a walk-in closet. To top it off, the basement is finished with a bar and a bathroom! We can barely afford it, but we're going to make an offer anyway. It's definitely a house we can grow into. The fourth house ended up having it's backyard facing Snouffer Rd., which is very busy. You could hear the traffic from upstairs, so it's out of the running now. We're still interested in the house in Westerville if the owner of our dream house doesn't accept our best offer.

My brain hurts now.

First of Each Month Meme

January: Happy New Year, everyone!

February: Please Support the Multinational Species Conservation Fund

March: My mom left for NY last night to pick up another shipment of dogs, most of whom are already sold.

April: One more week until I see the OB again.

May: I'm in my second trimester today! *(Hee!)*

June: Cute pregnancy survey thing

July: Holiday weekend was good, baby is kicking.

August: It's about time to re-introduce the potty training concept to Sage.

September: So, I've talked to both the downtown YMCA early education center and a daycare called CityKids that is located in the Arena District.

October: Here's my birth plan, if anyone wants to read it

November: It's taken a bit to get to my computer but I'm here! I've caught up with my friends' page, though I haven't left comments yet.

December: Wednesday night to Friday afternoon was spent dealing with vomit from one person or another in this household. *(Mmmm...)*

Dec. 12th, 2006


Mae at six weeks

I've been putting off updating about Mae because I still don't have any pictures uploaded. We're having camera problems. =( Since I do have one to steal from thatpatti, I thought I'd make a post. Mae had her one month doctor's visit a week ago and is very healthy. She's a little over 10 lbs and 20 inches long! Here's my chubbster: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thatpatti/316118692/

Mae has been smiling a bit lately, mostly at Ben or Sage. I was holding her while we ate breakfast this morning and she gave Sage a huge grin! He got in her face and made some baby talk, which really got her smiling. Then he looked at me and said, "Mae loves me." So cute!

She's probably the easiest baby on the face of the planet, I swear. She prefers being put down in her bassinet with a pacifier than being lulled to sleep... she pants rather than cries when she gets hungry (at first, anyway)... she sleeps between five and eight hours at night... and now that I've said so, she's going to turn into Colic Baby from Hell, I'm sure. =)

She does have a little acid reflux problem that causes her to spit up a lot, but it's mostly been solved by some changes in routine. I feed her less formula more often and sit her in a carseat or bouncy chair after she's eaten. It's really helped with her spitting up and she's much less fussy in the evening. She is still clusterfeeding, though yesterday she did that all afternoon and then slept from 9pm to 5am. There's still no rhyme or reason to her schedule, however. Some nights she'll clusterfeed and sleep forever. Other nights she'll wake at midnight, 3am, and 7am. It's unpredictable, but it doesn't really matter. I'm getting enough sleep that I'm not miserable and a cup of coffee in the afternoon takes care of the rest of the day.

Sage is another matter entirely. I won't get into a rant about his toddlerness today, but damn... what a temper!

I thought I'd reminisce a bit about Mae's birth in the form of a birth story- Mae's BirthCollapse )

My Xmas Stocking

Put a present in my stocking!Collapse )

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